NLS rents subsidised studio space that is open to visual artists working in any medium or discipline with a demonstrated commitment to their artistic practice. The studio space is geared towards artists at any point in their career that are focused on developing independent projects and/or their studio practice.

The space is approximately 200 sq ft divided into two rooms with good lighting, two entrances (one may be used as a loading dock), bathroom, storage closet, an AC unit, a secure yard with electronic gate and a parking spot.

Rent is $17,000 JD/month plus the cost of electricity.

Rent will be waived from October 10 to November 10, 2014 for artists who will be using the space for ongoing or new projects. This will be awarded on a merit basis, based on the level of innovation of the project. Preference will also be given to artists who have graduated from the Edna Manley College within the last three years and/or are working on a collaborative projects as a pair.

To apply, artists must submit (by September 17) :

- 5 images of recent work
- a CV
- a 75 - 100 word executive summary of the project they will be undertaking while in the space
- a 500 - 750 word project narrative explaining the concept of the project and how it will be executed, including sketches where necessary
- a characted reference (past employer or teacher, no relatives)

Full application form here.

Email these materials and/or send questions to