NLS (New Local Space Limited/ nuclear localisation signal/ natty's loquacious stylings/ nobodies loving something/...) New Local Space is an artist-run contemporary visual art initiative in Kingston that is a non-profit subsidiary of audio recording studio and production house Creative Sounds Ltd. NLS was founded in the garage of the building that houses Creative Sounds, as a place for visual artists who are making work in dialogue with contemporary issues to experiment with new ideas, collaborate with each other and engage with the public. Interdisciplinary experimentation, collaboration, and open access have continued to be core principles at the core of our operations. NLS has expanded beyond the garage to include a 1000 sq ft project space. The mission of NLS is to facilitate thriving professions for visual artists working in experimental practices committed to advancing more equitable cultures, and to equitably connect such artists with the global contemporary art community. NLS does this through structured professional support via artist residency and fellowship programmes, exhibitions, affordable studio space, a podcast, paid internships and research.

Administrative Team
Deborah Anzinger,
Executive director

Sasha-Kay Hinds,
Art administration assistant

Delroy Blairgrove

Current interns
Tedecia Bromfield
Kerry Chen
Mali Dust

Past interns
Demi Walker
Mikki Osbourne
Kelly-Ann Lindo
Kaleb D'Aguilar
Lisandria Thompson
Errol Keane
Ashley Dalley
Joni Gordon
Ashly Cork
Rachel Chin

There are currently no openings.