NLS (New Local Space Limited/ nuclear localisation signal/ natty's loquacious stylings/ nerds love serpents/ nobodies loving something/...) is an artist-run contemporary visual art initiative in Kingston that is a non-profit subsidiary of the audio recording studio and production house Creative Sounds Ltd. NLS was founded as a place for visual artists who are making work in dialogue with contemporary issues to experiment with new ideas, collaborate with each other and engage with the public. Interdisciplinary collaboration and open access are principles at the core of our operations.

The goal of NLS is to support visual artists whose practice is based in relentless experimentation, and to connect such artists to the global contemporary art community. NLS will do this by providing structured support through the artist residency program, conducting an experimental exhibition program, providing affordable studio space and conducting ongoing research to assess the needs of visual artists in Jamaica.

New Local Space Ltd. is a registered non-profit limited liability corporation.

Art Administrator
Michelle Sangster

Podcast host & Outreach coordinator
Nicole Smythe-Johnson

Delroy Blairgrove

Executive director
Deborah Anzinger

Lisandria Thompson
Errol Keane
Ashley Dalley
Joni Gordon
Sasha-Kay Hinds

Past interns
Demi Walker
Mikki Osbourne
Kelly-Ann Lindo
Kaleb D'Aguilar


Paid Internship

Board of directors
Deborah Anzinger
Paul Michael Carroll
Donna Carroll